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Delectable Fine Foods offers an expertly crafted range of fine cheeses and specialty foods. They continue to explore the world to delight customers with inspirational tastes crafted from the finest ingredients.


 Delectable Fine Foods stocks the highest quality products, sourced both locally and imported from all over the world. The shop has so many delightful things to chose from you won’t leave empty-handed. Artisan fresh-and-aged cheese, salad toppings, fine tea, chocolates and artisan bread – they provide the perfect selection for pantry-stocking home cooks or an edible gift.

Cottage Life
Olive Oil
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A Selection of Fine Cheese


Did you know we serve lunch? You can enjoy a hearty bowl of home made soup everyday to eat in or take out. We also have a selection of our delectable homemade soups in the freezer.

Our mac and cheese is available fresh or frozen in three sizes. Single, double and family. You can choose from an aged cheddar, a smoke gouda and cheddar blend or a three cheese blend of aged cheddar, smoke gouda and jalapeno jack cheese.

Our chicken salad sandwich is a customer favorite and a staple on our menu… We tried taking it off the menu but people kept asking for it so we brought back.

We also have several grilled cheese sandwich options to choose from. Think bacon and cheese or chicken, bacon and cheese. Our sandwich menu changes up frequently so call us to find out what the soup of the day is and what are our current sandwich options.

In our freezer we have amazing lasagna and cannelloni with meat or vegetarian option. This fresh handmade pasta melts in your mouth and thrills your taste buds. You will fall in love for sure.

We also have lovely Manoucher flatbreads that are amazing in the oven or on the grill. A simple base that you can dress yourself and have a beautiful light and stunning dinner in less than minutes.

In our fridge we have salads go. Potato and egg, cheese tortellini with vegetables and a vegan grain salad are the usual selection ready and waiting for your convenience.

Stop by and Try Some Samples

Delectable Fine Foods has a variety of the worlds’ finest cheeses, meats and olives, so how do you choose amoung them? Ask for a taste of anything you are interested in. The friendly staff will be happy to give you  free samples and make recommendations so you leave with something you will really enjoy.

Picnic Baskets

Quick, easy, convenient.

A Delectable Fine Foods picnic box is perfect for your next outing. Whether you are watching a concert or a game in the park or have long car ride ahead. The Delectable Picnic box will satisfy your cravings.

Not exactly as shown. We customize every box to suit your needs. The average price per box is $35 dollars and it will serve two to three people. We can make them larger to accommodate more people or smaller for a light snack. The average box contains three Canadian cheese and two meats, bread or crostini’s, olives or cippolini onions, savory short bread, a sweet and two beverages.

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Gift Baskets

Each of our gift baskets is made to order with every decorative detail creatively inspired. There are assembled baskets that offer a complimentary selection of items, or we can create a customized basket to reflect the taste of the recipient. Prices vary depending on the content.

Fauxmagerie Zengarry

Vegan Cheese

Cashew Cheese is a delicious vegan cheese alternative that is handcrafted with fresh wholesome ingredients including raw organic cashews, cold-pressed organic coconut oil, organic garlic and fresh herbs and spices.

You won’t find any fillers, preservatives or genetically modified ingredients in their products. Available in six different styles and flavours.


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