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Flavoured Cheese

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Flavoured Cheese

Examples of Flavoured Cheese

  • Applewood Smoked Cheddar
  • Cranberry
  • Guinness
  • Fleur de Maquis,
  • Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor
  • Cotswold
  • Drunken Goat
  • Don Heliodoro with Rosemary

Flavoured Cheese

Flavoured cheese is made by adding additional ingredients to subtly change the flavour.

Flavour added cheese can usually be divided into four different types:

Natural Smoked: Has a golden brown or caramel colored rind, while the color of the paste on the inside is not changed.

Traditional Styles: Absorb and exaggerate the aroma and essence of the added ingredients.

Rind-Flavored Cheeses: Have different ingredients pressed into the rind, once it has been formed (such as; vine leaves, toasted hops, and grape must).

Re-Formed Cheeses: These are young cheeses that are broken up, blended with the extra ingredients and reshaped.

There are two ways that the flavors are added. The extra ingredients can either be added into the milk or curd during the process of making the cheese, or the flavors can be added to the outside rind once the wheels have been formed.

Flavour Profile:

Most flavor added cheeses are well-known hard cheeses with mixed fruits, spices or herbs, and shaped into a round.

Appearance & Texture:

Appearance varies greatly based on the cheese used and the flavour added.

Usually hard texture.

How to Enjoy

Flavoured cheeses are best eaten on their own or as an addition to your cheese platter.

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