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Goat Cheese

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Goat Cheese

Examples of Goat Cheese

  • Le Chevrot
  • Humboldt Fog
  • Feta
  • Cendrillion
  • Grey Owl
  • Lindsay Bandaged Cheddar

Goat Cheese

Goat cheese is made in a many different shapes, sizes, flavors and textures and is best known for its distinctive tangy, citrus and clean flavor. Young Goat Cheese is fresh, mild, creamy and spreadable, whereas aged Goat Cheese tends to be harder and sharper.

Flavour Profile:

The distinctive, tart, earthy flavor has wonderful subtle (and some not so subtle) variations. Regardless of how they are made, goat cheeses have a unique tang and aroma right from the start, growing robust and bold in these rapid-aging cheeses.


The texture of each variety of goat cheese is defined as soft, semi-soft, firm, or hard (depending on moisture content and length of aging).


Fresh goat cheese has a mild, pleasant aroma while goat cheeses that are aged for longer have a stronger aroma.

Care & Storage:

Re-wrap cheese in fresh wrapping such as waxed or parchment paper, or unwrapped in a plastic tub with air left in the container, once the cheese has been opened.

How to Enjoy

Goat Cheese can be crumbled onto salads, melted into cooked dishes, or simply served with warm bread.

Some goat cheeses packed in oil with herbs are intended to be eaten on bread.

Goat Cheese melts differently than cow’s milk cheese, and harder varieties are often baked and
transformed into a gooey warm spread that may be served with garlic and bread.

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