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Gift Baskets

New Home, Get Well, Birthday, whatever the occasion we will create a basket to suit your gifting needs. Call us and together we can plan the contents of your baskets to suit the person and the occasion you are gifting for.

Cheese & Charcuterie

Planning an event or a gathering? Custom cheese or charcuterie boards or a combination of both is a phone call away.

Our immense cheese selection includes specialty and artisan cheeses sourced locally throughout Canada and imported from around the world.

We like to think we have a little bit of something for everyone and offer a variety of sheep, goat, cow and water buffalo milk cheese. For the Vegan on your guest list we also offer a variety of nut based (not) cheese too!

Cheese and charcuterie trays from Delectable Fine Foods have become so popular we have created a selection of curated trays to simplify the ordering process for you our wonderful customers.

Because our cheeses are special, from time to time due to reasons beyond our control we have to make small substitutions with one that is similar to one described. Your tray may not look exactly as shown but will it still be beautifully garnished and delicious!


Serves 10 – 15

Chutney, Mustard and olives compliment this tray of artisanal cured meats.


Christel’s Favourites 

Serves 6 – 8

Every now and then you will hear me say “right now this is my new favourite cheese” and in that moment it is. But the true favourites that I treat myself to from the bottom of my list to my absolute all time favourite are-

Brie aux truf- France.

Manchego- aged 12 months, Spain.

Comte – aged 18 months, France

Stilton – Colston Bassett Dairy, England

Rouquefort – Carles, France

Served with a fresh baguette, fig jam and cacciatore salumeria this decadent selection is impressive……………


Vegan Friends

Serves 4 – 6

We have made it super easy for you to accommodate your vegan guests. This beautiful tray includes one selection from each; Fauxmagerie Zengarry and Culcherd- tree nut cheese. Gluten free rice crackers, olives, nuts and dried fruit round out the tray.


Lactose Free

Serves 6 – 8

From our large selection of Goat and Sheep’s Milk cheeses we offer a delicious board everyone will be sure to enjoy regardless of their dietary needs. From our own backyard in Lindsay Ontario we have the extremely popular Lindsay Bandaged Cheddar. From Spain we have a delectable sheep’s milk cheese from the Manchego family. Depending on the weekly delivery either a soft chevre or bloomy rind ewe’s milk cheese will round out the selection on this plate. Olives, meat and crackers will complete the tray.


Oh Canada!

Serves 8 – 10

We have so many fabulous cheeses right here at home! This board truly has a little bit of something for every one. From Quebec we have Douanier and Bleu Fume. There is a Black pepper Gouda from Thunder Bay and everyone’s favourites, Five Brother from Guns Hill Dairy and the always tasty Lindsay Bandaged Cheddar.  Two artisan meat selections accompany the cheese on this board. One from Seed to Sausage (Sharbot Lake) and another from Salumeria Il Tagliere (Orangeville) Olives and crackers complete the tray.


The Book Club

Serves 5 – 6

This small board consists of three of our most popular cheeses. Grand Crème Delin from France is rich and buttery, the Aged Gouda from the Netherlands tastes a bit nutty and sweet, and the always delicious with a hint of saltiness, Young Manchego with Truffle from Spain, are true crowd pleasers. A delicious Jam for Cheese, Cipollini Onions from Italy, Cacciatore from Salumeria Il Tagliere and cracker crisps make this tray a hit with everyone!


Popular Picks 

Serves 10 – 12

These are the cheeses that everyone loves.  Chateau de Bourgogne, Cows Appletree Smoked, Dill Gouda, Huntsman and Bellavitano.  Two artisanal meats, olives, pickles and crackers round out this selection of popular picks.


Around The World 

Serves 15 – 20

Take a Delectable journey with this tray that features an assortment of different cheese from France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, England, USA and Canada. This tray will feature 8-10 different cheeses, 2-3 meats, olives, pickles and crackers


To place an order call us at 705-750-1200

* All cheeses and accompaniments are subject to availability. Substitutions will be of equal, or greater value.

Picnic Baskets

Quick, easy, convenient.

A Delectable Fine Foods picnic box is perfect for your next outing. Whether you are watching a concert or a game in the park or have long car ride ahead. The Delectable Picnic box will satisfy your cravings.

Not exactly as shown. We customize every box to suit your needs. The average price per box is $35 dollars and it will serve two to three people. We can make them larger to accommodate more people or smaller for a light snack. The average box contains three Canadian cheese and two meats, bread or crostini’s, olives or cippolini onions, savory short bread, a sweet and two beverages.