July 31, 2020 3 min read

Hello Friends!

It’s hard to believe summer is half over already.
The best thing about August is the vegetable garden and the gifts it provides in abundance this time of year.  One of my favourite vegetables is the beautiful sweet beet.

Plucked while still small-ish and roasted with the skin on, they are bursting with sweetness.  When they are cooked through, they pop from their skins without much effort.. Quarter the sweet roasted beets and place on a plate. Then drizzle with lovely blood orange infused olive oil and a pinch of finishing salt.

This citrus infused olive oil is a great substitute when a recipe calls for both orange zest and oil. It works in marinades and dressings. It is also really lovely tossed with fresh leafy greens.

Tomatoes are just starting to ripen and what better way to enjoy them than in a caprese salad?

Now that summer has arrived we are keeping more fresh buffalo mozzarella on hand. Try it between slices of grilled eggplant and zucchini, seasoned with oregano and olive oil.

We expect the Burrata to arrive on Thursdays, August 11 and 25 from Italy in limited quantities.  Previous shipments have disappeared quickly; so don’t wait until after the weekend to pick yours up, or else you may be disappointed.

Remember, we carry delicious Manoucher flat breads that are fully baked, preservative, chemical and GMO free. They are perfect on hot nights when you do not want to heat up the house cooking. Two minutes on the grill with your favorite toppings and you have an easy supper. The possibilities are endless.

This Months Specials!

Nanny Hudson’s Homestyle Ketchup and Relish

Nanny’s Ketchup is really a traditional Tomato Butter. It is great as a condiment on top of burgers and dogs, eggs or even mac’n cheese. It can also be used in recipes like meatloaf, pulled pork and salads. They usually retail for $7.99 each, but this month you can pick up the pair for only $12.99.

Douanier  (doo-on-nee-yay)

Douanier means customs officer and is named so because it is produced so close to the Canada-US border. The decorative ash streak through the middle is symbolic of the Canada-US border. It is also similar in appearance to the French classic Morbier.

Morbier was traditionally made with the leftover milk from the production of giant wheels of Comte. There was never quite enough milk to finish making the second cheese (the Douanier) after the morning milking so the cheese would be covered with a protective layer of ash until it could be completed after the evening milking.

The paste is pale cream in colour and semi soft, dense with a few tiny eyes scattered throughout it. It feels creamy in your mouth and the taste is sweet and fruity with a slight tang. The pale orange edible washed rind adds a slight nuttiness to the taste. The mostly mellow cheese appeals to all palates on its own or with crackers. It is beautiful on a cheese plate and pairs well with a dry red or dry white wine.

Our book keeping year end will be August 31. Pop in to see us regularly this month for lots of in-store specials before we do our yearend inventory.

We are planning an evening Olive Oil tasting in September. Please watch for upcoming details and date announcements.

See you soon!  Cheers!