June Newsletter

July 31, 2020 2 min read

Welcome, Hello!

The month of May and our first three weeks flew by.  Thank you for making them so fun.  I have been crazy busy trying to bulk up our inventory for our grand opening, Sat. June 25!  Pieter vanOudenaren, the cheese maker of Lindsay Bandaged Cheddar will be joining us from 9am-3.

We will have a draw for door prizes as well as in-store specials.  Our picnic boxes will be 15% off all day.  A great item to take along to the music fest later in the evening if you plan on attending.

The Burrata is here!
The Burrata is here!

This beautiful Italian fresh buffalo cheese is a real treat.  The outer shell is firm mozzarella and the interior contains cream and mozzarella curds.
Serve it drizzled in olive oil & fresh cracked pepper with bread or toast on the side.
This lovely cheese has a short shelf life.. 10-15 days.  It is flown in every three weeks and I have only 8 balls.

Also new this week, we have an Iberico 6 month.
This Spanish cheese comes from the province of Valladolid in central Spain.  It has the same basket weave exterior as the better known Manchego.
Iberico is a mixed milk cheese.  It is made with a blend of cow, goat and sheeps milk.  The ratio changes with the seasons but the minimums are 50% cow, 30% goat, and 10% sheep.  This is one of Spains most common cheese – frequently served as a snack or table cheese and after with quince paste.  It is rich, buttery and nutty in taste.

Louis D’or
A firm washed rind mountain style cheese from Quebec. Made from raw cows milk, it is both fruity and nutty.
This impressive cheese is made into large 40 kg wheels much like traditional French and Swiss cheeses from the Jura mountains it is styled after.

Another new arrival this week, comes from Ireland, Cashel Blue.
This farmhouse cheese has only been around since 1984 and is the very first Irish blue cheese.  From the very beginning, this cheese was a stunner and it has only grown in popularity over the last 30 years.
It is both creamy, and crumbly.  It’s flavour is buttery and minerals.

From Italy this week, also new, Piave Vecchio.  It is a cows milk cheese from the Veneto Region in northern Italy.  It is a hard cheese – nutty and sweet.
Piave can be sold at 5 different ages starting at just 20 days.  We have brought in the red label.  Vecchio has been aged more than 12 months but less than 18.  This is a beautiful cheese to snack on or to serve over a salad.

We hope to see you soon! Cheers!

We hope you enjoyed our June Newsletter.  Keep an eye our for our July newsletter, coming soon.